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Cheap/Free Fitness and Workout Tips ....

Let's be real ... a PT or gym membership is a luxury in this economy ... but don't let that be the reason you don't get/stay active ... POSH.com (one of my favorite sites) listed a few tips for Cheap Workout & Fintess Ideas ...

Where to Buy Cheap Workout Equipment

1. Hit up your local garage sale - Fitness equipment is often like a fad. People work out for a while and then the equipment collects dust. I guarantee you can always find a set of dumbbells, yoga mats, or old fitness DVDs or tapes at a garage sale. The best part is you can haggle your way to a great deal.

2. The Internet - Overstocked.com sells brand name equipment and your wallet won’t give you the evil eye at check out time. People will sell their own mamma on Craigslist and E-bay, so you can definitely find great fitness materials for cheap with these sites. Classified ads are also a great way to find gently used exercise equipment. Wal-Mart has a lot of equipment for super low prices. Check online to see if you can find any coupons before you hit the stores. Always watch for online deals.

Don’t Waste Money on Fitness and Health Magazines

Many of your favorite magazines have an online version and you can find many of the same articles online. Or, the internet is a wealth of information you have sites like P.O.S.H. who will bring you free fitness and health tips.

Cheap/Free Workout Ideas

1. Park your car 100 feet or even 200 feet away and walking the extra steps would be exercise.
2. Make use of your stairs. Free stairmaster. Might as well use ‘em. Don’t hold on to the handrail, cheater. Keep your heart rate up, but stop if you feel dizzy (the stairs are not the best place to collapse in a heap). As you advance, start walking up and down with soup cans.
3. Dance. Make your own Darren’s Dance Grooves (lol) crank up the music and make your own music video. No one is watching
4. Ride your bike or rollerblade._ while you are at it hit up your neighborhood market or grocery store and save on gasoline. Hey, you can’t beat those savings!
5. Jump ropes: They’re great for cardiovascular workouts and are inexpensive. “Borrow” one from the kids or some cousin/neighbor to eliminate out-of-pocket money.
6. Check out your recreation center- they offer suuuuper cheap classes or gym memberships.
7. Need a Trainer? - Group sessions with trainers may also be an option you can explore. Ask personal trainers if they’ll reduce fees if a friend or two joins the sessions.
8. Swapping exercise DVDs with friends and co-workers will ease the boredom and save bucks.
9. Clean. You know you should have done it last week anyway. Besides, cleaning burns tons of calories. Chase the dust bunnies and burn the fat.