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Açaí Berry ~ a Weight Loss MIRACLE or SCAMMER'S Dream???

ATTORNEY GENERAL ANNOUNCES Açaí BERRY INVESTIGATION INVOLVING IMPROPER CREDIT CARD CHARGES, WEIGHT LOSS CLAIMS (link). People are finding out in droves, that those free açaí berry online offers, can end up costing hundred$$$, very quickly. Not to mention the loosely regulated products, insufficient WL studies, and phony success stories (via photoshop, and some who have lost weight using other methods, but got their pics stolen by some açaí vendors for before and afters) behind it as well.

"It must work, the site I ordered it from said Oprah & Rachel Ray used it". Ads claim the berry melts away fat, NO DIET, NO EXERCISE. Fat people are a FOREVER consumer ... and since results are never "typical" ... there will always be someone around to ca$h in on our will to become less fluffy ... But, we must stop falling for it! There is no magic product, if there were ... they wouldn't have to scam us in order to reap the continued benefit$ of our usage ... we'd come back willingly ... lol ... real talk!

Most of my targeted advertisements are of course ... health/weight loss-related ... As that's primarily my motive when I'm online leisurely (reading articles, watching vids, etc). And every day I see an ad showing someone's stretch-marked before and after tummy photo, in which once clicked ... leads to a "blog" that's not monitored and filled with more praise of a product than "Amy"'s progress ... According to the video (link below), one of the common faces under a plethora of names and fake e-diaries, is a model ... that's no where near tied to the product. Her photo just happened to be on a photo stock site for $1.50, and was retouched to look thinner. ABC New's Story.

The açaí berry ... nutritious indeed ... has many health benefits ... as many of the fruits and vegetables that grow are ... God has blessed us with a myriad of natural greatness ... to maintain quality health and to survive ... but we instead, take the fruits of the earth cook away the nutrients, lab our own products ... process, add more processes ... until it's becomes a foreign nutrient impoverished, greasy or sugary object ... Bottom line, if you can't make it to Brazil ... or don't have a reputable "hook-up" try a dang on blueberry first ... at least until the AG investigation is completed ... lol ~PC

DiscoveryHealth.com Article:
This berry has popped up in mixes, smoothies, juices and supplements, leaving even the most conservative consumers wondering just how magic this little berry might be. We asked our National Body Challenge Online Community Fitness Expert Jonathan Ross to set the record straight about the açaí berry and its weight loss promises.

What it is?: Açaí (pronounced "Ah-Sah-Yee") is a berry that grows in the Amazon rain forest. It has a rich, berry-cocoa flavor, and has a lot of antioxidants (slightly more than blueberries or pomegranates), and healthy fats, plus a small amount of protein and dietary fiber.As a berry, it is very healthy. In general, all berries are great sources of lots of the nutrients that are good for us.

What it isn't:Anything more than the above! It is not the second coming of Jesus in food form. It will not help you lose weight unless you eat it instead of deep-fried chicken wings. It is not magical just because it grows in the Amazon and we don't see the real berries for sale in the store.(The reason for this? These berries are very fragile and must be processed almost immediately after harvesting. This is why they come in smoothie packs or powders. This also accounts for the higher-than-most price.)It is just a healthy berry. Stop asking it to be more than that. I had some açaí with breakfast this morning and it didn't give me super powers or melt fat immediately off of my body.We have to not allow our imaginations to run wild every time someone promises us they have found the unicorn. Any time anyone claims that anything that comes from the deepest seas, the highest mountains, and is available only from some exotic location is the holy grail of human health - they are lying to you. It is marketing...nothing more.

Remember one question to pierce the marketing of these and any future product with a similar pitch:If these precious compounds were oh-so-critical for human health, how have we been able to heavily populate every corner of the globe without everyone having access to the magical açaí berries?

Healthy foods are good for you, and unhealthy foods are bad for you. And these foods exist on a spectrum from healthy to unhealthy - there is none that rises above all others. This is great news since it means that there is no absolute one thing you just HAVE to have in order to be healthy."