Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Get UP ...

For me, it used to be harder to get to the gym or GET UP to work out, than it was to actually workout. Well, mentally.

The first ... let's say 9-10 months of my journey, I was lucky. I would eat right, but neglected to exercise. My luck was that ... I still lost weight! My food choices were so significantly drastic, that my body's metabolism hit a shock that helped me to drop the pounds. So in my mind, if I'm still losing by merely changing my diet ... why bother??? This is coming from the same person who's 2/23 reasons to lose weight was to become a runner and to play tennis again. Backwards, yeah ... I know.

But now that I'm in a groove of moving and enjoying the activities I choose to do (circa 2009 ;). I realize that I wasted a whole bunch of time avoiding being active. I mean I would delay and procrastinate every single day. I probably could have attained goal by now if I had not been so lazy ... but in the spirit of moving on ... I vow to never let my LAZINESS prevail in 2009. Granted, I do take rest days and with sporadic MS complications ... it's not always feasible ... but outright LAZINESS is unacceptable in my life right now.

No one wants to sweat, no one wants to be induced out of breath, no one wants to mess up their hair ... but I tell you ... after it's all said and done ... I ALWAYS FEEL GREAT!!!

In lieu of giving up my scale for a month ... my fitness goals (by Mid April) are as follows:

  • To cover 70 miles.
  • To complete a 60 minute adv. spinning class (I usually only make it to 20-30mins)
  • To increase my resistance weights to 15%, respectively.

The weather has taken a beautiful turn here in Columbus, Ohio ... sunny and in the 60's ... I'm taking advantage of it ... and will be jogging today ... Oh and tomorrow is my first WW meeting ... I'll keep you all posted!

Make it a great day!!!