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I Loveth IT ... Mme.'s Product Reviews

Benefiber. Tropical Thunder Reggae-mix CD. The Hollywood Trainer: Weight Loss
"Tropical Thunder CD By Various Artists"

There's a commercial out, with all this hot dance reggae music by artists like, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Beenie & Elephant Man, Nina Sky, and more. And every time it comes on, I hop up and dance ... lol ... Well, it never crossed my mind to buy it ... I just liked annoying RaShad whenever it came up on the screen ... I'm sure he liked it the first time though ... lol ... So, this morning I checked the mail and found this USPS media mail package. I open, and it's a CD w/ a Jamaican flag and this chick in SKANK booty shorts ... like my favorite commercial!!! YAAAY!!! ... lol ... He bought me the CD. So, I've planned a dance party/workout session with some of my closest dieting friends for Wednesday ... and just downloaded all of the files to my iPod ... I'm going to have even more fun at the gym this week ... thanks Shadie-boo!!!

The Hollywood Trainer: Weight Loss Plan by Jeanette Jenkins

A book by one of my "Women Who Work It" blogs. It normally doesn't take me a month to get through 1 book, but life's been crazy ... lol ... don't judge me! ... One of the reasons I miss working in the city, was that my 20 minute bus ride from my home to downtown, was quality reading time every day (I digress). But in this book, you will of course find a suggested meal plan, and some effective workouts with visuals. Utilizing the "it takes 21 days to a form a habit" principals. 7 simple steps to success are outlined in the book, where she elaborates on, in the first couple of pages ... 1. Accept Change 2. Making the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection 3. Exercise 4. Nutrition 5. Educate Yourself 6. Commit & Be Consistent 7. Create a Supportive Environment. I really appreciate the fact that many weight loss and fitness gurus that pick up a pen these days, are beginning to invest in addressing the mental and emotional side of weight loss. This read, has plenty of it, with a hint of focus on spirituality.

When your diet consists of processed foods, no water, no veggies or fruits alot of things become out of wack! I was advised by my PCP to incorporate fiber by way of supplements. So, I started taking psyllium husk capsules, which I dreaded ... because after swallowing I always felt like one was still stuck in my throat! And I had to take like 5, 3 times a day. So I tried those dang on gunky powders, that I used to see my grandpa stir up every morning when my twin bro and I used to spend summers over there. Awful ... But I found a product that helped me reach my fiber needs, sans the taste. I was skeptical after I saw the commercial claim "no taste, no change in food texture when added". A fiber powder, with no taste ... or thick consistency? Humph ... so I went to Target and found one (bought the smallest jar, just in case) ... grabbed a bottle of water in the checkout lane ... and mixed it all up in my car. I saw that white powder hit my water, and it was looking kind of suspect. I let it dissolve, and gave it a shake ... and to my surprise ... MY WATER BECAME CLEAR AGAIN!!! ... I took a swig ... nothing ... took another swig (you know aftertastes, take a minute to establish themselves) ... nothing ... I finished off the bottle ... I just drank fiber ... lol ... and my gag reflexes were in tact ... (TMI) ... I found a new staple to accommodate for those days, I'm not hitting that recommended 30 grams!