Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


My Big Girl Clothes Give-Away ...

♪♫It's So Haaarrrd, to Say Goodbye, To Yesterdaaayyy-eee♪♫ lol ... I stayed home from work today and decided to spring clean! I attempted this weekend, but as always, kids were all up in my way (I love having kids in the house to blame things on sometimes ... lol ... hey, I'm still their sister, I can do that;) I hit EVERY room ... anything that we didn't have a need for or use, was getting the boot! Doing it out of their site would also eliminate tantrums over items they have outgrown, haven't picked up or thought about in a year (Shad's too ... lol)

But, I'm guilty also. I, like my mom, have a hard time letting clothes go. Even if I can't fit them (whether too big, or too small). I have "past/future" boxes in the back of our walk-in, in the master.

I began sorting through the clothes, reminiscing about some of my "favorite" size 18-26 pieces. Thinking ... they really weren't even all that cherishable. Being a big girl, I chose comfort over style, so anything that I could button up, that covered me up, and didn't cause me agony during my workday ... was an instant fav ... lol.

I gathered everything into piles (casual, professional, dressy or as we say church-acceptable) ... gave them all a spin in the Maytag and bagged up 3 huge bags! I never realized how much stuff I was hording, that was no longer of use to me. So, I volunteer with a foundation chapter here in Columbus, that helps mothers/women who are on public assistance, homeless, or recently released from jail/prison - that are trying to find work. I career counselor, interview train, and help with developing their resumes or skill portfolios. And down the hall at the center is a "dressing room" orchestrated by the "Dress For Success Organization" .

You can know what to say, have a great resume, but you have to also look the part when trying to seal the deal. I always notice that there are never any "plus size" options in the room. No love for the pleasantly plump women, trying to get their lives together too! And if there are, they're paisley granny dresses and I never thought that was fair. So I dropped off the professional & casual bags to them this afternoon, and it felt so good ... from all angles. My old church clothes went to the Sal Army along with the other things ...