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Women Who WORK It: 72 Year Old Trainer!

Happy Friday Peeps ... and Happy Women's History Month!!! ... I would like to start dedicating a few posts to women who I look up to in regards to supreme health, wellness and fitness ... So much attention is placed on actresses, musicians, models ... but the faces of my role models are significantly shifting as I mature and continue on this journey ... so to start it off ... This woman will make you think twice before you create another excuse ... not to get active ... lol

~* Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd, 72 *~

By Ericka Blount Danois - Special to The Sun February 3, 2008

On this rainy day, only the resolute are in Energy Fitness Center on Liberty Road in Randallstown , getting in their evening workout.

In the corner of the gym, Ernestine Shepherd is quietly training a petite client, Cynthia Evans, who weighs 110 pounds and is 4 foot 11 inches tall. They are working on their rear delts, lifting 5-pound weights and stretching their arms into a ‘T’ before they move on to the 30-poundweights.

It would all seem pretty dreary — the rain, the routine of weightlifting — if it weren’t for the fact that Shepherd, at age 71, is so dazzling to watch. Wearing red sweat pants, a red-and-white sports bra and a baseball cap that reads, ‘Determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit,’ she is a unique figure in the world of fitness.

Shepherd’s attitude lends credence to the adage ‘age ain’t nothing but a number.’ Five days a week, she trains women of all ages — three days at Energy gym and two days at her church, Union Memorial United Methodist Church , 2500 Harlem Ave. , where she has a class of 25.

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