Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Been Real, Danity Kane ... Carwash and My 'ZO!

I just got done watching Making The Band ... and I had a feeling he was going to drop the group ... :/... but dang!!! Oh well ... knowing Poison Puffy's past ... we all knew it was inevitable. Day 26 better live it up while they have the chance!

My fiance time and time again tells me that I "disrespect" my car. I guess it's because, if I had it my way ... all I'd ever get around on ... is my bike! My baby ... the Honda '06 CBR600 "Alonzo aka Zo" <---(respectfully named after my favorite player who just hung up his jersey ;). Back to the subject ... lol ... so my car was "sorta" dusty ... I figured all of the rain would handle it ... that was not enough for him - he and my lil bros proceeded to clown me.

So after my nature walk this evening ... Ky, Jay, Shad and I spent some quality time ... washing both cars ... Then my neighbor (62yo sweet Mrs. Adelle) ... asked us what we were doing ... (she ain't slick, I peeped game) ... so we washed her car too ... lol ... A fun activity and I straight up logged them in my POINTS tracker ... 45 minutes ...

I can't wait for the summer ride-outs with the RR fam ... I did a few last year (tackling one of my 23 reasons to lose weight) ... Truthfully, I especially look forward to getting back on the scene ... not riding as a "big girl" ... but just a girl ... It's going to be different ... but I'll welcome it ...

Tomorrow is Friday ... thank goodness! TTYAL!!!

Today's Summary
Calories: 1,613
Water: 110oz
Fruit/Veggie Count: 9
Exercise: 30 Mins Brisk Walk, 45 Mins Washing Car, 20 Mins JM's 30DS