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Forever 21 Launches "FAITH 21" Line: Extended Sizes

I have a slight attitude right now. Where were these "extended" sizes when I had to go to that store with friends, look at all the cute stuff ... and walk out with a bag of bracelets and earrings ONLY?!? Oh wait, there was that time I got a "Large" sweater in HS, it was uoogly ... but I could fit it ... kind of :/ ... had to layer it with other stuff (infamous big girl trick) ... lol

Okay, bitterness segment is over ... Whether you're happy being plus-sized, or in transition ... we'd all like to be fashionable ;) ... I think it's interesting and part funny how in this recession, many companies are broadening their horizons and flocking to the thick consumer all of a sudden. Blog: "Luvin' My Curves" has posts about the innovative "Full Figured Fashion Week" , which stated that there are over 40 Million women in the US who are a size 14 and up. It's time to ::In Jay-Z's voice:: Smarten up, open the market up!!! ... The launch is May 1, 2009. A marvelous day might I add ;) ...

Welcome aboard Forever 21 ... better late, than Fornever ... get it??? ... Forever+ Never ... ahh nevamind!!! ... lol ;)


Forever 21: Faith 21 Line Site