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The Journey Scholarship 2009: $500 ~ Details and Deadlines

I was struggling to get ready to even go to college, after graduating HS. The expenses seemed endless, and my Target cashier’s salary was barely enough to pay our household bills as it was. My mother was on disability and I dared not become a burden by asking for any of what little she had to live on. My father was absent at the time (completely normal) somewhere orchestrating illegal street activities :/, and I had none to turn to.

Despite, I was determined to go to school. It was my time to LIVE. I had been through enough in life, constantly sacrificing. I vowed that this era of my life would not be forfeited – this is for me! Dilemma, the excess of my financial aid and scholarship funds wouldn't be available for another 14-21 business days. I had $4.82 in my purse, and a Greyhound bus ticket due south (southern Ohio ...lol) the next day!

I prayed about it one night, and had reached the conclusion that I was going to get to school and "wing it” if I had to. I had planned to find a job the moment I put my things away. Either way, HE’ll make a way! The day of my departure, before I walked out of my mother's home ... my mentor handed me an envelope and it had 5 $100 bills inside. I just cried! That gift, took away the stress of me wondering how I was going to even eat the first few weeks of school. It is sometimes the "little things" (beyond little to me at the time) that make the greatest impact. I know that it was just money, but that woman will forever be my hero!

If you can't give, then serve ... ideally, I think we all have room to do either or both. Possibly, this could grow into something bigger and better in the years to come ... I’m at a point in my life … where I know for sure, it’s time to start paying it forward and giving back.

Therefore, it is my wish to provide a modest award of $500.00, to a deserving college-bound young woman. One who embodies the elements of determination and budding aspirations, who may present a financial need.

Click Here for the Application

“The Journey Scholarship” 2009


Dates for Submission: Sunday, April 19, 2009 - Friday June 30, 2009
Announcement Date: Friday, July 24, 2009.
Amount: $500.00USD*
*Secure payment of recipient's choice, [i.e. PayPal, Visa Cash Card, Check, Money Order] NOT cash.

  1. Must be a High School graduating Senior
  2. Must be enrolling in a 2-4 year under-graduate program - Before the award is given, proof of enrollment will be required
  3. Must have a Min. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  4. Must complete essay/questionnaire consisting of 2 topics
  5. Preferably, has a significant need for financial assistance
  6. Must provide two (2) references [At least one (1) teacher, counselor, mentor, or non-family member/friend.]

* Please know that all personal information will be held secure, and destroyed upon award disbursement.

* This award will be considered a GIFT with no stipulations of receipt other than those outlined in the eligibility guidelines.

* This award will be made payable to the STUDENT, for any expenses deemed necessary in transition to college-life.

* According to the IRS Code, this award (small sum, derivative of non-private entities) does not hold any tax obligations.

I will be setting up a submission form and link on the side of my blog (readily available on tomorrow, Sunday, April 19, 2009 ). I truly look forward to reviewing the entries, and making a selection with the assistance of my mentor (still to this day:) Evangelist/Professor/Coach C.Y. Sanders. If you or someone you know may find interest, feel free to pass this info along!