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KFC Grilled Chicken ...

Disclaimer: Yes, I'm black and I like chicken ... so, I don't want to see any anon crazy comments! lol ... You may have seen my imaginary husband (he's not imaginary, just our relationship ... ;/) G. Garvin and others boasting about KFC's new Grilled Chicken. I must admit, it was quite delish! I didn't get in on the freebie day ... after that Papa John's pizza give-away shooting incident, you won't catch me in any of those lines ... :/ ...

While I think KFC is the last place I should ever go to eat, it's nice to see that there is something on the menu that I could enjoy ... and feel "not too bad about" afterwards ... I just ordered the grilled breast (no biscuit, no wedges as tradition) and coupled it with steamed green beans and corn (sucatash) for my dinner.

Nutritional Info: KFC Comparison
Piece (Breast): Calories/Fat/WW POINTS
Original: 370/21/9
Extra Crispy 490/31/12
Grilled 180/4 /4

... HealthIER is taking over Yo!!! ... okay, I quit. bye.