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No Sugar??? EWWW ... or Not???

Have you ever enjoyed a cup of tea, sans the (dangerous in excess, especially to addicts like moi) element of sugar? Well, I hadn't ... until tonight. And I must say... it was kinda tasty. Let me be real, the decision to omit it was initiated by late evening, burnt-out laziness ... lol ... I made a cup of tea, took it all the way upstairs - laid in bed only to discover that I left my sugar on the kitchen counter, and was NOT trying to go all the way back down to retrieve it ... (don't judge me, it's been a rough day! ... ;)

When we were kids my American grandmother would slap the salt out of my twin bro's hand, as he would grab it to sprinkle on his food, before even tasting it! I'm sure her reasoning had little to do with future health risks ... rather, her dishes were perfect and didn't "NEED NO D*MN SALT!!!" ... lol ... But it's just so common for me to grab other substances meant to enhance an item ... and then completely rip away the raw essence of it's flavor ... with over-condimentizing (yeah, I know that's not a word :P). I'm quick to over dress my salad ... and turn my coffees and teas into liquid deserts. So before I drop a cup of sugar into my next cup of tea 0_O ... from here on out ... I'll taste first!!! ... avoiding possible chunks of "empty/non filling" calories & POINTS in the process ... bonne nuit tout le monde!

Article: "8 Condiments That Can Ruin Any Meal"


Today's Summary
B: Oatmeal, Skim Milk, Orange Juice, Grapes
S: Apple, Plain Yogurt
L: 2oz Turkey Breast on Wheat Bread w/ Lt Mayo, Broc & Carrots
S: 13 Strawberries, 2 Graham Crackers
D: Grilled Chicken Breast, 1sm Red Potatoe w/ ICBINB, Green Beans,
S: 60 Calorie Caramel Pudding, 3 Graham Crackers
Calories: 1,608
Fruit/Veggie Count: 8
Water: 117oz
Exercise: 20mins Treadmill, 20mins Upper Body Str Trn, 15mins Lower Body Str Trn