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Obsessed + The Formerly Obese Biggest Losers ...

I don't get it, why did Lisa attach to Derek so quickly? From a story point, did anyone find out why she picked him to stalk? (usually it's like they reminded them of someone from the past, or something) ... but she wasn't given a diagnosis or anything ... I know it's fine Idris, but what was so special about the character he played? I may have just missed it. Or did everybody overlook that part, because you knew Queen Bey was going to beat her bootay regardless of the reason? ... lol ...

Biggest Loser
That was so neat to see them reflect on their first day of training. OMGoodness ... I completely forgot how some of them looked before. And the amazing physical transformation as far as ability and endurance is mind boggling too. Great progress for 17 weeks.

I think "Big Papa" Ron is the P.I.M.P. of the game, he never won, is always under the yellow line and still came in the final four. Hats off to you playa ... I can't even ... hate ... the mouth piece was on point each time he was in jeopardy ... and he always skated through to the next week ...

Now Mike, I'm still getting these arrogant vibes from him since he's lost so much weight ... especially last week when he voted Kristin off, and she said you're scared that I'm a threat and he did that "DB" smug and shrug of his shoulders. And to top it off when "Sweet Daddy" Ron made that comment that "my son WILL win this game" ... with all of the other contestants still sitting at the table ... lol ... that's the stuff you say in the vid confessional booth (semi-privately) ... gangsta with it!!!

Tara was working my nerves for a few weeks with the crybaby attitude, like "oh woe is me" ... Girl hush up, you're in the lead physically, and had the opportunity to do this show!!! ... She finally sucked it up, gladly .. and still remains my fav since jump (well after the 2 beefin' sistah friends got the boot :/ Carla & Joelle).

Filipe, it's been real. I love how he's reaching out to his family and those in the Tongan community. He talked about early on how if you're small, it's frowned upon somewhat ... being from both Nigerian and Caribbean culture ... I can relate!

Can't wait for next week's show to see how they all fair 30 days from now. The finale is coming up too, in 2 weeks ... my money is on TARA ... if "Don Juan" Ron doesn't have influence some how ...

Has anyone ever noticed Jillian's tattoo on the front of her ankle? When I hit goal I said I was going to trade in the tongue ring for a tat (only 1) ... I like the positioning of it ... goal is long in the future, but ... me jus tinking.

Make it a GREAT Day!!!