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Fat Girl Confessions #7: What's The EXCUSE This Year Carter???

High School ... freshman year ... gym class. I just imagined it being a big social hour. I was ready to reunite with all of my homies from the block (I went to an alternative Middle School). But that notion was abruptly removed when I heard "Alright cut the chatter and get to work" - I then learned the harsh definition of calisthenics and changing in the locker room. Ugggh!!! ...

At the time my mom was ill and I spent many of days home and self-studying. But when I did show up I'd have an absence excuse and a gym excuse. Every time ... not because I couldn't perform ... but because I was 14 wearing a D-cup and was completely out of shape and lazy. After I passed with a C :/ ... I decided never to take a gym class again!!! ... against reality, I needed 2 gym credits to graduate. Doh!!

So sophomore and junior year pass ... and I become an untouchable senior ... Had a course audit with the counselor. In my mind I had paid my debt to the public school district. I consistently made honor roll, was treasurer of our school's 1st multi-award winning DECA team. I mean ... what more could they ask for???


.::in Martin's voice::. you wanna run that by me one mo' gin????

Now I'm 17 1/2 and being forced to take a gym class with some youngsters ... I spotted my girl 'Kiyah in the class of navy blue and white (gym colors) I'm like cool ... at least I know someone my age here ... And here comes the same gym teacher ... He looks me straight in the eye in front of the entire class [he was a major jokester he didn't care if you were a student everyone was fair game].

"Carter, what's the excuse this year?"

All I could do was laugh. I was just tickled that he would even remember me after all of that time. But I set out to prove a point ... I was heavier since my last gym class encounter but was going to participate ... now that he had put me on blast. After some badminton, track, softball and volley ball activities. Oh, and calisthenics ... I passed with an A.