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SecretTrois: YouTube's BIG GIRL Dance Crew ...

"Beautiful" 1/3 of the "Secret Trois" big girl dance crew (over a milli views) addresses negative people ... and how she maintains her SELF-Esteem. Their homemade performances have landed them on many interviews - MTV, the Tyra Show and at the birthday party of the Queen of Soul ... Aretha Franklin ... who requested them personally ... I wonder if they got to eat any of the inaugural hat cake??? (I know I'm not the only one who's asked) ... lol

An issue: they were highly offended when Jet Magazine reported on the Queen's birthday party and referred to them as a comedy act. They posed a question - were they automatically seen as a comedy/parody act because of their size? My guess is, unfortunately ... more than likely. Despite this perception, their mission is to be big, proud and fearless ... to hopefully inspire others to be the same.