Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


"Travis" Smiley ... Living Underneath Your PRIVILEGE ...

I'll be going to see Tavis speak tomorrow (my mom calls him Travis, relentlessly ... then again she also calls Kanye, Cayenne ... lol). This marks year 2 that my company and the Smiley Group have been in partnership. A series of events and accessible activities to enhance financial literacy to low-mid income individuals, and to market the brand in our weakest consumer appeal demo - minorities <---the "unspoken" purpose. State Farm has Dr. Ian ... we, Tavis. Both subjects equally important in my eyes ... health & wealth ... black folks, specifically (speaking as one ... lol) are missing potential in both ...

Last year, Shad caught me taking pictures of him when he got on stage with my cell. He said, "he's not a rapper - you can't do that" ... The audience was quite con$ervative ... but I didn't care ... lol ... I'm looking forward to hearing his take on current events, and picking up a copy of "Accountable"... "Stand" is also premiering at one of our specialty theaters here in Columbus ... but it's airing on TVOne Sunday ... might have to catch it then ...

But, I remember last year when the collabo kicked off, he was talking about how many of us, mentally, physically, economically were living "beneath our privilege". Living to get by and not proactively. I was truly inspired by those words. No ... IMMENSELY inspired ... realizing that yes, I come from relatively nothing ... but I don't have to stay that way ... We all have the potential to be exceptional ... it's up to US to pursue ;) ... let's live at or above our privilege ... as we were born into greatness, despite who are parents are ... we are 1st, a child of GOD ... live like it!!! ;)

That's all that is going-eth on in my world. It's been either work, class, gym or sleep for me these days. But my courses are over with and now it's time to bask in the peace that is SUMMER BREAK ... well from grad studies at least. I'm really going to lock-in to my training ... now that some time has freed up until September ... ohyaaay! ...


Today's Summary
B: Oatmeal w/ 2sps Sugar, CBINB 4 sprays,
S: Plain Yogurt, 14 Bing Cherries. Granola
L: 1/2 Subway Turkey on Wheat w/ Lettuce, Lt. Mayo, Provolone
S: Apple, 100 Cal Pack Cheezits
D: Large Caesar Salad w/ grated parm, 5 croutons
S: Microwave Popcorn (Lite)

Calories: 1,393
Water: 132oz (4L)
Fruit/Veg: 4 <--- I really need to work on increasing this!!! Exercise: 30 Min Afternoon Walk, 1 Hour Treadmill (interval elevation & speed 2.5-3.6 mph), Seated Row (5 Sets of 20 @ 20lbs), Spinning 30 Mins (independent), Leg Presses (5 Sets of 10 @ 70lbs)