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The UPs and DOWNs of Being Round ... By Monica Marie Jones

"The Ups and Downs of Being Round is a coming of age story about a girl who struggles throughout her life with issues of weight. Overweight as a child, Madison Jenson struggles with teasing and physical limitations until she loses the weight during her adolescent years. Just as she begins to enjoy life as a slim girl she gains the weight back during her college years. Finally, being fed up with being unhappily overweight, she loses it again as a young adult, but to her surprise she loses a lot more than just the weight and finds out that physical weight loss does not guarantee happiness." - Novel Summary

One of the blogs I frequent has a weekly column by author/motivational speaker Monica Marie Jones. Her insight on various subjects, lead me to check out her personal site www.monicamariejones.com/ where I found the details on the above mentioned title.

Funny thing, as I was reading ... I thought "She must have been a big girl before, or is one!!!" As there were some things in the novel that you could only know of, if you experienced it ... The physical issues, self-esteem, insecurities and random thoughts of a big girl. Lo and behold, once I finished the book her conclusion stated that while the book was fiction ... she herself, had dealt with ... well, the ups and downs of being round. She even provides her diet plan and provides great advice on changing your lifestyle.

Now the book is quite laid back, moreso a diary of the narrators', but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to read and relate how the subject's weight affected daily actions and thoughts. Including dropping off line of pledging a sorority as her chosen line name was "Miss Piggy" ... A nice read if you have the time ...

Author's Site/Click Here to Buy: Amazon $10 +S&H E-Book $5