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Ab Circle Pro ™ ... "The TREADMILL, For Your Abs"

Video Link: Ab Circle Pro Commercial

... states the many ads and fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee. I'd probably scare the heeby geebies out of my cat, swishing back and forth like that ... lol ... But, I liked how the knee rests also separate, for leg and glut focus. Looks interesting! ~PC

Ab Circle Pro™ (official site)

Natural Super Foods Blog (public responses)

Price: System, W/ Monitor & 3 Year Warranty = Appr. $250.00

Common Good:

  • Heavily targets abs, obliques, arms, inner thighs
  • Greatly increases Heart Rate
  • 3 Resistance Levels, Tilt/Elevation ability
  • Lightweight/Easy to store
  • 90 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee, and 3 Year Warranty option
Common Bad:
  • Weight Loss Claims in regard to "10lbs in 2 Weeks" - Results Not Typical <---as always ;)
  • Knee Rests are lightly cushioned and, cause direct PAIN to knees after extended use. :/
  • Handle Bars after assembly are unEVEN
  • Very Lightweight/FLIMSY, I suppose weight discretion is advised?