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Is Obesity a Disablity??? Not According to the AMA ...

Denied. The American Medical Association decided Tuesday, to reject defining obesity as a disability.

The craziest part to me in all of this is that the act would give a patient a "right of privacy" or an essentially "don't relate my sickness to my weight" pass ... when conversing with their physician about resolve methods - after diagnosis. Litigation could ensue if a patient who was say ... 257/my starting weight became offended when a doctor asked about diet and physical activity, instead of just prescribing a medication to "fix" it.

It would also open the door for individuals to seek claim on governmental Social Security disability funds in lieu of working - if their weight prohibited them from being able to perform.

It would have however, placed many Americans under the Equal Employment Opportunity fair employment act - in yet another category, there's technically no "you're too big, you can't work here" ... discrimination statement. But this I suppose, would ensure that we weren't turned down for a job b/c of the perimeter of our waistline on basis, of it being a disability ... whilst, being legally protected and holding civil merit.

Disability Discrimination: Americans with Disabilities Act (U.S. EEOC Site)

Obesity over time, can become debilitating ... as can alcohol, drug abuse, etc ... but I find it difficult to see it as solely a disability. Specifically, if our weight (and associated ailments) is personally-neglected and controllable ... (duly noted, that SOME obese patients have medical issues that may lead to inability to lose weight - or weight gain). ~ PC

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