Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Overeating to Undereating ... It's Still ABUSE

When I first took my stand to get healthy ... I went from one dangerous extreme, to the next. Doing what most off us think is logical. I eat too much now, so if I eat too less, I'll loose magnificently FAST! But, if I couldn't stick to a safe and healthy daily caloric intake of 1200-1900 to lose weight ... What in the world possessed me to think I could survive and succeed at only eating 500-750 calories a day - abruptly??? Something now that I look back on, and smdh. I was delusional, "crazy, deranged" ... better yet, unrealistic. But I did so, and it was the worst few weeks of my life, physically and mentally.

The best approach to this I am learning is balance. My body needs food/energy, to function ... why inhibit my body's miraculous natural self-healing, weight management, restoration, and survival capabilities ... by putting further strain on my weak muscles, high blood pressure, and
MS complications .... by restricting it, and pumping it with unregulated medications?

That's abuse.
Simply put.

I'd argue that I had plenty of fat to survive off of! When in fact, my body's day-to-day functions require more than that of stored fat to operate, at it's prime potential. How about calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc ... etc ... And when they aren't received appropriately, through proper nutrition ... it pulls from our vital organs and bones to compensate!

It sounds weird, but it's essential. YOU MUST EAT TO LOSE! But not just eat anything ... I didn't get fat by eating tons of fruits, veggies, grains, lean proteins, rather ... fast food, pizza, fried foods, candy, ice cream and everything else...

I understand, and completely relate to some of us just wanting the weight to go away by ANY MEANS. But I beg of you, do NOT jeopardize your long-term health, or SANITY but abusing your body ... in a different manner.

One thing I love about the success stories I host here on MTJ, and even those I'm inspired by is that ... they lost much weight over time, and did not resort to dangerous means. And guess what??? ... They're still successfully maintaining and/or losing more! I need a method that can realistically last a lifetime, and that phase I went through ... would have been just as detrimental as staying morbidly obese ... ~PC

* Dealing with a 16 year old family member, who I'd love to convey this too ... so I guess I'm testing it here ... I'll let you know how this convo goes ... soon ...