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Truth Allows SUFFERING to Speak ...

"The truth is often avoided, because the truth allows suffering to speak." ~ Tavis Smiley (On Your Side Tour 5/22/09)
This makes perfect sense. He went on to discuss that the "R" word (recession) was all but shunned by our country in 2007 & 2008. No one wanted to say it, and our attitude was seemingly artificial. As if avoiding the issue would ease the minds of a failing economy, and somehow correct itself, sans addressing reality. Now the "R" word is almost ALL you hear of. Our attitude as a nation, lacked AUTHENTICITY ... certified truth.

Are you physically comfortable? How is your breathing, what are the resting levels of your blood pressure and how about your glucose & cholesterol levels? I was sick. But you'd never hear me say that. I had somehow convinced myself that I was just stressed, and since I'm still young ... things will balance out eventually. Nearly all of the women in my family are big, it's how I am supposed to be. A passive, nonchalant attitude ... an un-AUTHENTIC one. Despite waking up in the middle of the night from heart palpitations, or random dizziness at work ... or inability to climb more than 10 steps w/o taking great gasps for air ... I did not see the truth ... I did not want to give MY SUFFERING A VOICE!!!

I haven't been a part of a church, still finding peace with my past experiences ... but I recognize signs ... even the scary ones - I thank GOD for revealing to me that, that was no way to live. Often times when you don't take heed to what He is saying, he'll make you experience things over and over again or even allow the situation to intensify ... until you capture the message. I was destroying my body early in life ... at a frightening rate. I had to become AUTHENTIC ... all the way real with who I was and ... who I really wanted (for real for real) to be in this life ... and it wasn't a miserable-on-the-inside, ill woman ...

Now I know, every obese/overweight person doesn't want to be small (and my situation was rather dire) but I challenge even those who feel this way to be AUTHENTIC with yourself and make sure that you are truly healthy. Sidenote: I think people dissing Mo'nique's inspiring WL, because she's supposed to a BBW and F.A.T., is simply silly ... There is nothing wrong or should be see wrong when a grown woman decides to become healthier. So what, we all have revelations in life, and they come at different times ... we should just be congratulating this sister and her hubby for the steps she took in taking care of her body ... She's 40+ w/ little boys ... don't you think she wants to be agile and present in the their lives for as long as possible???

Okay, this went on a little longer than expected ;) ... But I think at the end of the day ... the best policy is to acknowledge facts, and face our personal the truths ... ~PC