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CONTRAVE® New Weight Loss DRUG ... Passes w/ Flying Colors

A new pill is making it's way through the clinical channels, for FDA approval, by 2010. Being noted by backers as a cure for obesity, and elimination of associated illnesses/diseases. Is it déjà vu, or have we heard that before? ... lol ... It's basis of significance, appear to be psychological and hormonal altering affects. Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. (drug's creator) ... is feeling quite confident in it's trials, (as compared to actual results of other marketed drugs) it actually yielded some lighter people. BUT (and a big ole biggity butt). The average person only lost about 0.03 pounds a week. Considering the potential side effects, and possible independent ease of losing 17lbs in a year, would it be worth it for the ma$$es? ~PC

Active Ingredients:

  1. Naltrexone, used to lower cravings in opioid addicts and alcoholics. It acts by blocking opioid receptors in the brain.
  2. Bupropion, the same drug that's in the antidepressant Wellbutrin and the anti-smoking aid Zyban.

Outcomes: (56 Week Time Frame)

  • In one trial, 48% of the patients lost more than 5% of their body weight after 56 weeks, compared with 16.4% of those taking a placebo. Average of 17.6lbs lost.
  • In another trial, the numbers were 56.3% compared with 17.1% for controls. Average of 17.5lbs lost.
  • The amount of weight loss, on average, was 6.1% and 6.4% in the two trials, compared with 1.3% and 1.2% of those on placebos, in that time frame.

Side Effects:

  • Alerts for similar concoctions warn that consumers may experience hostility, depression and other mood changes, and such warnings have been noted for Wellbutrin as well.
  • Constipation, headaches, gall bladder infections, seizures.
  • Being pushed to have a "Black Box" label, a suicidal thoughts disclaimer!

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