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Goddesses of the Grass ~ Another WILLIAMS' Wimbledon Final

Update: SERENA WON!!!

I'm up early this Saturday, and I feel like I'm having déjà vu, weren't they just head-to-head at Wimbledon yesterday??? Well ... technically LAST YEAR!!! Venus took it then, will she reign supreme, encore???

If Venus (#3) does win, this will mark her 6th singles victory at the prestigious tournament, putting her with the phenomenal greats of Billie Jean King, Helen Wills Moody, Steffi Graf, etc ... Serena(#2) did beat her bootay at the recent U.S. Open a few weeks ago ... but I'm still interested in seeing how this plays out ... I tend not to choose sides ... Either way one of my girls is going home with that mega dish and a heavy check ... lol ... off to eat breakfast ... and grunt with every swing, concurrent to theirs ...

They've also advanced to the double's finals ... Oh, and I'm equally excited to see Federer & Roddick go for the Men's title ... it's going to be a great weekend!

Even though my current focus is in England ;P ... I love AMERICA ... so ... ummm

H A P P Y 4 t h !!!