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Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" ... Too GIMMICKY, For Moi.

Full Episode 1: "Pilot"
Full Episode 2: "The F-Word"

I'm a harsh critic. I knew I probably wouldn't be a fan, when the first line of the premier, had to have the word "fat" in it. Specifically, "Do my knees look fat?" Give us a few minutes before dropping the F-word. The FAT element being, why they hope most people will tune in.

I think the storyline channels "Nutty Professor", "Shallow Hal" and all of the other fat person-transformed storylines. Why can't a story just focus on a plus size person, existing? It's always a condition to the big characters, they aren't really big or they are big and that's the point of the show ... showcasing how awful life is/would be in their bigness. It takes the mind of a skinny girl for Jane to start "living". Adding further insult, how traumatized Deb was when it was revealed she'd be spending her life as thick Jane.

I know it's just TV - but it's just another show that reduces the real voice of plus size women. Remember, the memories and thoughts of the real big girl (Jane) are in heaven, and her body is merely a shell encompassed by the skinny (Deb) one. Which is also stereotyping the "slap-stickery" of blondes and models ... imo ... with this "like, o-m-g" persona.

Will there ever be a show with a main plus size character that doesn't have her salivating over donuts or spraying cheezwiz and/or canned whipped cream down her throat. Why does the big girl always have to be frumpy, no make up - unflattering clothes. She's lonely, depressed.

I did find it clever that the skinny girl's trip to heaven was via an accident with a grapefruit truck - the same fruit she ate for breakfast, and the big girl bypassed for a cinnamon roll ... The guys on the show are rather hot ... I like Margaret Cho, too ... But I guess I could give it some more time ... if the hopeful longevity of the show is proving that a big girl (with the help of a skinny mind) is going to be phenomenal ... I can imagine - it'll get old.

Now, I may be in the minority of likability for this new series ... but, oh well ... And I'm definitely no "Fat Rocks!!!" kind of girl ... lol ... but I'm not feeling it as of current ... I want to like it, you know hey ... us thick chicks finally got a show of our "own" ... but it's like the buffoonery of some black shows - just because we "look" like them, and a show of this type is rare ... doesn't mandate me to accept. ~PC

Comments ... and further discussion here: "Drop Dead Diva Community"

"I have a great idea for your next show. How about a beautiful size 16 woman, who dies and wakes up anorexic or even bulemic? She wakes up and screams that she's a size 0--could someone please help her because she needs to eat more than a lettuce slice for the day. Oh and by the way, her brain cells which were once healthy are now deteriorating from lack of nutrition. Excuse me, but DDD is sending a negative message. Whoever wrote it has no idea of what it feels like to have society judge them for being a certain size or weight."

"I love the show it is about time that there is a show with normal size women !!! I have a hard time to accept the way Iook but after watching the show I started to feel alittle better about myself.'

"Seen the 2nd episode and I will continue watching.. LOVE this show. Xpecially the part when she sd she felt Pretty on the inside. It's true .. I Do no matter how big I am."

"I've been watching the show and it really bothers me. I am very disappointed that Lifetime decided to 'go there' and continue to stereotype plus-size women as being frumpy, obsessed with donuts, and lacking self-confidence (skinny people, please quit projecting YOUR issues on to us). Just once I'd like to see a movie or TV show with a plus-size leading lady and the plot was NOT focused on her weight. It always has to be "fat girl finds love in spite of being a big fat pig" or how they lost weight and were (FINALLY!) transformed into someone desirable or some trite fable ("Don't judge a book by it's cover - looks aren't everything, it's what's inside that counts!") or somesuch. I generally feel good about myself until I see stories like that and am informed that that looking like me must be a nightmare and a terrible problem. Really? I guess I've been too busy enjoying my life to notice!"