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New Shoe Alert: PUMA "Cell Voltra"

PUMA launched the "Cell Voltra" running shoe, earlier this week. As always, the egornomic design, and wide variation of colors, peak my consumer interests. I'll be heading to Finish Line à demain ... to check them out. This will run, somewhere in the market of $100 (comfort is always worth the investment) with free shipping on Finishline.com, as of current! ~PC

Women's: Rapture Rose/White & Men's: Black/White


"The Cell Voltra showcases PUMA's new tenCELL technology, a TPU visible technology that extends from the forefoot to the heel without interruption. The PUMA tenCELL unit has two levels, separated by a membrane which creates tension during impact. The bottom shelf absorbs impact, while the top shelf allows the foot to rebound. This sleek and clever technology offers the ultimate in comfort and style."