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Now JILLIAN Michaels is PU$HING PILLS!?! New Weight Loss Supplement Line

A fat burner, appetite suppressant, detox ... to lead this pack. I think my take on supplements is quite known. Needless to say, I was taken aback by a recent tweet of this gesture, from the world's greatest known, eat right & exercise to shed pounds ally @jillianmichaels.

I know, I know, this isn't to replace the valuable lessons she has bestowed upon us "motivated to change our life" journey-ers ... but, I guess if you can profit off of the unprecedented majority of others who desire to see rapid results (>2% with long-term success) - and tap into the easiest seller of the multi-billion $ weight loss industry conglomerate, why not? It is a rece$$ion.

But, don't we have enough caffeine & aspirin laced weight loss pills to get hyped up (literally) on, resting on the shelves? Wouldn't the right foods and a balanced diet supply all of the aforementioned elements? Boasted as "natural", I'm curious to see if only "proprietary blends" and no specifics will grace the label as it's shelf-mates. If Jillian is giving up on the fail proof methods of weight loss ... d*mn ... just, d*mn. Who's left? ... I still love her ... so in the spirit of Diamond's strip club locker room lesson, from the hood classic ... "Player's Club" ... "Make that money JM, don't let it make you" ... *Set to be distributed in GNC, Wal-mart, and other retailers ... this Fall. ~PC
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