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TORRID (in-store & online) Last Day for Summer SALES!!!

We all know that I'm a step (or 10) behind when it comes to style, so I keep my 2 (or 1) fashion cents to my lonesome ... and leave it to fab ladies like Ms.LMC, Gabbi & Tina ... lol ... But, I felt the need to share this sale!!! I was 1st intro'd to this store, after moving away for college ... and I tell you, I felt slighted! How dare they not have this in COLUMBUS? Things I'm grabbing are below ... ~PC

As reflected, you'll see that my general style is simple, reserved, comfortable, solid colors, office-friendly, black, grey, nature tones oh, and purple!!!

Brown Cross-Dye Halter Neck Belted Romper $29.99

Purple Brass Stud Knit Tank 24.99

Black Wave Bangle Bracelet $12.00

Cream Ruched Linen Silver Sparkle Pencil Skirt $29.99