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Weight Watchers LAWSUIT ... Class-Action

The world's largest weight loss program AND casual dining chain are collectively - "living foul", catching a few cases / being sued as a result of calorie statement, inaccuracies. Disclaimer: I dabble in WW, live in Ohio ... and hope to be a diet-industry consumer advocate one day, but I'm not of the 6 in this class-action ... lol.

Background: In 2008, Scripps News Investigations Team hired a lab to test the food (Weight Watchers-endorsed meals at Applebee's) and found that it contained more calories and as much as three times the fat as advertised.

Plaintiff's Complaint: When they ordered WW-backed items, within the establishment (expecting provided nutritional values) they each became a victim of FRAUD, NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, and CONSPIRACY to withhold factual nutritional information.

Defendant's Response: Applebee's Patrick Lenow says, "The lab tests are misleading because they are based on testing involving a small sample of menu items from a few locations. The menus acknowledged that some variation in fat and calorie content was possible. Trying to take a very small number and extrapolate that over a very large chain really isn't possible."

To me - it's a summary, an estimate ... No matter what the dish is, one cannot take a menu item at face caloric-value, when it's being prepared outside of your own kitchen. Do you really think the cook in the back cares about measuring exactement, so that they can keep in line with your daily calorie limits? Nope, they are trying to get food out.

... With that however, in the tested instance, there was quite a BIG (pun, okay) difference ... and now folks want compensation ... after realizing that for the nutritional value of their "lighter fares" tilapia dish they 'guilt-freely' ordered ... they should have just gone to JoJo's Figgity Fried Fish and Ribs <--- fictional establishment ... lol ...

My Question: What do they expect? Change-in practices or just change-cha-ching? A life-time membership of free food, a refund - it'll be interesting how value is placed, if any ...

The Bottom Line: As ridiculous as I think a suit is about this, the point of having a lighter/health conscience menu is to attract a person who is leery of feasting on fried cheese sticks and big burgers (weak moment of silence) ... to increase REVENUE. So when they do decide to dine at an establishment known for high fat comfort food ... for the purpose of bypassing the ills of such ... they should get ... what they came and PAID for ... And if it can't be guaranteed as advertised, there should be a broader disclaimer or elimination of the claims all together

Should WW be more conscience in enforcing the nutritional values of it's food and holding the partnerships who supply (AppleBee's) accountable? CERTAINLY ...

Should these hefty chicks get broke off b/c a meal may have (the plaintiff's dishes weren't individually tested - they're going off of the Scripps findings) contained more calories than she expected ... NAH ...

Cincinnati.com Article: "Applebee's, Weight Watcher Sued"

KYPost.com Articles: "What's On the Menu Results" & "How Testing was Performed"

I bet that d**n Hungry Monster, is behind all of this!!! ... lol ~PC