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A $2.5 MILLI Deal?!? K-Fed + Money-Motivated WEIGHT LOSS

If there is ever a 3-mix to Jay/Cass' "I'm a Huslta" , K-Fed should be permitted to jump on that track (then immediately off) ... lol. Gearing up for his new VH1 reality show, he's also been offered a 7-figure bribe, I mean deal, to shed 45lbs ... courtesy of EP-2 Extreme Physical Performance. A body-building, health, and fitness lifestyle company. Granted, this lifestyle includes an extensive list of supplements. The offer is pending acceptance on K-Fizzy's part, but odds are ... (.::"carry the 1"::. $55,555.55 per pound) ... I think we know how this is going to play out ... lol. Well wishes Kevin ... can a sistah get a loan??? ;P

There was a recent study conducted that found in each instance of monetary rewards being presented in weight loss ventures, those in pursuit of the cash-incentive lost more than their counter-parts who knew they were walking away with just - well, you know, better health. ~PC

NY Daily News Article: "Full-figured Kevin Federline offered seven-figure deal to endorse weight-loss product"
Oregon Live Article "Money is a fine motivator for weight loss"