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Detroit: 'Peaches & Greens' Produce Truck Encourages HEALTHIER Options

(AP) DETROIT - "In a neighborhood served by 26 liquor stores but only 1 grocery, a community group [Central Detroit Christian] is peddling fresh fruits and vegetables like ice cream.

Five days a week, the Peaches & Greens truck winds its way through the streets as a loudspeaker plays R&B and puts out the call: "Nutritious, delicious. Brought right to you. We have green and red tomatoes, white and sweet potatoes. We have greens, corn on the cob and cabbage, too."

The truck set up like a small market brings affordable produce to families on public assistance, homebound seniors and others who can't reach the well-stocked grocery chains in the suburbs.

Experts call Detroit a food desert: More than half of its residents must travel at least twice as far to reach the nearest grocery store as they do to a fast-food restaurant or convenience store, according to a study by Chicago-based Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group. Many shop at liquor stores and corner markets that carry few, if any, fresh fruits and vegetables." continued

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