Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


{Jaz The Interlude} Last Resort

it's august and what i've noticed is that im a far cry from where should be as i re-read my NY reso's today. better late than never though right? i've seen some progress. 7 pounds to be exact since my re-dedication 2 months ago. and it might seem little to some but im claiming it as a big step forward. my diet has been much better. i mean i've had a few fast food stops here and there but not on the regular like before. my dependence on eating out is almost gone. i finally got a gym membership. no trainer yet. i want to do my own thing to see what that does before dropping some more change. the treadmill has been my residence.
but all in all i know what it takes. we all know what it takes to
get slim it's a matter of following thorough. i wanted to get down with the "lifestyle change" momentum sweeping dieters but that was too slow. like my money, i want to see it fast. i figured if i took some meds cut my calories way down i'd lose the weight which is my objective and then work on being all the way healthy. if a get-fit-quick buy could get me out of weighing more than 200 pounds i'd be up for and then i'd learn how to do "right". that did not work. the first, second, or tenth time i tried. i wanted to trick the system. that system malfunctioned.
now i blog before you a better woman. powerful and proud that what i am doing will eventually see me out of these terrible two's. with a better chance of staying out. it took me so long to figure it out what to do when it was right there in my face the entire time. i avoided the balanced diet healthier food choices and exercising, hoping to by-pass the work it took. now i feel plain silly thinking back on it. well that's the old me. and im done with amateurish yo-yo diet ways. my last resort is the right way. current weight 224lbs (-7 total).