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Kelly Clarkson - False WEIGHT Pride? ..."YOU-A-LIE"

The Actual Kelly Clarkson: Good Morning America Performance 7.31.09

Self Magazine's September 2009 Version of Kelly

One of my fav Mr. Brown lines ... lol. I'm all for body acceptance and self-love at ANY size. But why must celebs boast they are unapologetically curvy and then lie or airbrush themselves thin? Isn't that a contradiction? Where's the pride in that? I know everyone's - airbrushed, but when the story is about body-love or weight issues, don't you think deleting a row (of fat) is sending the wrong message? The voice of "Big is Beautiful" seems to be reduced, by it's very own ... more and more.

And of all publications ... it's SELF, a nutrition, health, fitness, beauty mag ... infamous for it's weight loss "guidance". I guess it would only sell if Kelly-Kell was deflated on the cover of it's September TOTAL BODY CONFIDENCE issue ... the irony ... ~PC