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New Show: "Making the CURVE" a Plus-Size "Making the BAND"... ???

Big is the new REALITY, apparently. Y'all know Diddy is going to want some credit or $ for this idea right? ... lol.

Former Lane Bryant model, American Idol, Celebrity Fit Club contestant, turned - Jenny Craig spokesceleb Kimberley Locke is set to host a reality series in which plus-size women "prove that they have what it takes to form a hit pop musical group." The show is in works to find a network.

This new wave of plus-conscious (some say exploitative) television programming has been widely (too easy ...lol) accepted by audiences from "Dance Your Ass Off", to "Ruby" ... and network exec$ are getting creative ... well, no ... not creative ... just taking old concepts and making us (historically ignored in entertainment) the stars ... next up, a thick Diddy-esque gig?!? Rock on ... ~PC

Article: NY Post Starr Report - "A Locke to Host"
Gossip: Perez Hilton - "Idol Alum is Thrown a Curve"

p-to-the-s: if you want the group to last, keep Diddy far away!!! I still love him though ;P