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TIME Controversy: Exercise Won't Make You Thin & Opposers

Fact: Americans are exercising more than ever, oddly - we're also bigger than ever! Time Magazine's recent story on the adverse effects workouts have on weight loss, has riled up many.

The overall theory stated: our bodies are naturally conditioned to hoard calories/fat at any size, so once we tap into them via an exhaustive bout of fitness - we're apt to replenish with high calorie foods, whether for reward or natural instinct. Seemingly erasing the physical extent of effort ... Not to mention the physcological effects food resistance has on the average dieter.

The author and backers are not completely discounting the benefits of exercise for general health, but do contest it being heavily related to shedding pounds. Conspiracy theorist claim this belief is fuled by the fitness indurstry and the goverment. Further, it's stressed that low-momentum movement on the regular is better than dangerous intense spurts.

There are some valid studies and scientific points outlined in the article - but, I won't be falling back anytime soon. The L.A. Times had an interesing response as did The American College of Sports Medicine. ~PC

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Press Release: ACSM "Experts Debunk Myth About Exercise, Weight Loss"

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