Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Too Fast, Too Furious ... Act a FOOL!

I ♥ muscle cars and my city is full of them with the Mopar Nationals this weekend. Headed to the "cruise" early to stake our claim in land and count up how many people get tickets for spinning-out during the procession (it never fails) ... somebody always has to act a fool ... and when a cop does hand them a citation (mostly pre-written, they just fill in thier plate # and name as to not hold up the line) the crowd always "boo's" in unison ... lol ... My neighbor registered his vintage Dodge Challenger - which I promise he cleans almost everyday ... I told him I'd look out for him ... and if he doesn't see us - we were the ones who threw the eggs ... :P ... Tomorrow is brunch at my brother's new café (not really new, long story short - he's the new owner ;) and the wellness walk ... good times ... I'll ttyat ;) ~PC

L: McDonald's Caesar Salad (no chicken), Peach

B: Cascadian Farms PB Granola, Lg. Apple
D: Steamed Broccoli, Squash 1 Cp Brown Rice seasoned w/ Sea Salt, Pepper & ICBINB

S: Lt. Strawberry Yogurt, Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi Medley

Total Calories: 1,209
Water: 92oz
Fruit/Veg Svgs: 7

Exercise: 45 Minutes Light Walk During Lunch, Elliptical 30 Minutes, Treadmill 1 Hour (speed 3.3-3.9 intervals) ... last song playing on the MP3 ... "All Falls Down" by Kanye West ft. Syleena Johnson