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WTH? Files: PizzaHut/TacoBell Song, Fat Princess Game & The Shake Weight

1. Combo PizzaHut & TacoBell song! One of our dj's played this on the radio today and I could NOT stop laughing! We have plenty of them here in Columbus. And in no way am I boasting, but I know where each one is located too ... :/ ... lol
2. Randomly screaming "I want cake" and "I'm hungry" ... lol ... The concept of this PlayStation game was revealed last year, and many were fuming at it's premise. You essentially have to 'fatten up' the skinny princess, so she can't be stolen from your castle. Really? o_O As my girl Tash would say, "Now that's just wrong" ... lol ... Despite online protests led by feminists, FA-ers and anyone remotely offended ... it has finally been released. And according to some stories, quite favored - by big, small, and those players in between. More @ TheF-Word.org

3. YouTube Vid: "The Shake Weight" - "Designed Specifically for Women" <-- of course it is ... you know there's a guy behind this right? ... lol