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The BIGGEST Loser ... Season 8

Aside from being one big arse (pun intended) infomercial, lol ... I'd be remiss if not to e-scribble a few thoughts on The Biggest Loser premier last night. Pulling 10.3M viewers (surpassing both summer reality hits "More to Love" and "Big Brother" finales, sharing the time slot).

Disclaimer: I see this show as more entertaining, than inspirational. It does fulfill this everlonging obsession of us on journeys to see an end. Finding visual instant/seasonal-gratification in the methods of "doing what's right", will pay off. Even if it is someone else. Not forgetting, that at the end of the day ... it is a competition oh, and it's TV.

Yes, it's exploitative, but it's relative - in a sense that the majority of Americans are big, and many of that demographic ... want to lose. While shedding 100lbs in 3 months (medically-frowned upon), is good for ratings ... it's not realistic to the average viewer. You know, those of us who don't have the capability to quit jobs, send kids to a babysitter for an extended stay, go into seclusion, hire a celeb trainer, with the luxury a top-class in-home gym, etc. So like it would be silly, to find much inspiration in one of the most sought after quests of human nature (LOVE) as the result of ... someone running through hurdles (literally) of an obstacle course to win a date against 50-11 other chicks, as to not be "eliminated" - all for a man "I'm in love with" on VH1 ... lol

With the growth of the show, marketing products and streaming new revenue - seemed to be inevitable ... Body Bugg, Designer Whey Protein, and Brita Water Filter all leading the barrage last night. I think they all had on Asics tennis shoes too, when they were hopping off of that tour bus. lol ... Jillian, Bob, and super svelte, new mommy Allison (who looks friggin amazing btw) pushing the products intermittently of the actual show. They kept calling them "tips" ... now, that was funny ... my snarky self chiming in "you mean blatant ads" ... lol. With Jillian herself coming out with a fleet of weight loss pills recently ... more and more ... we're being sold how to lose weight, and not told. <--that's a whole nutha post. I digress.
On to the contestants. I was happy to see everyone going into the venture, not knowing other people. I know they will begin to forge relationships, alliances, and such - but everyone starting on leveled personal slates, was a plus.

Daniel: "The Second Chancer" I was so upset he had to leave last season. It was truly premature, and all at the hands of his former teammate, who wasn't ready to make a change. I'm wishing him great things! [Player Profile]

Shay: The heaviest player ever to make the TBL roster. First off, she's beautiful - and one can only adore her initial essence, after hearing the story of living with an addict mother, raised in foster care - and turning around to become a social worker, herself. Second, was Bob's reaction to her weight - 476lbs, not ridiculous though? I mean, we see she's a big girl, no need to kick her while she was down (or up on the scale in front of 10 million viewers). Anywho, being chosen by Daniel as his partner - I was pleased. And mark them as my 1st string favorite team. [Player Profile]

Coach Mo: Refreshing to see them showcase an older black man. Far too often, they live silently suffering. Purposely dismissing a doctor's visit, ignoring soon to become detrimental side effects-and keeping hush. I've witnessed this commonly contrived demeanor among black men, in my own family. After years of self- physical neglect, by the time all was discovered, it was simply too late. Looking forward to witnessing this coach's lifestyle change. [Player Profile]

Abby: (the lady who lost her husband and 2 children in a car accident) certainly stood out to me. Amidst her former contestant's declarations of changing to be around for their children, spouses, etc. She no longer had that. Losing it all, and having the strength, will and desire to accomplish all that's still in her path - takes a new kind of dedication. [Player Profile]

So ... did you watch it? Have any favorites yet? Thoughts? ... ~PC