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Michael Moore Talks 70lb Weight Loss & Goal ...

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story set to release nation-wide this Friday) divulges some insight on his transformation ... ~PC

AA: You mention your weight -- I read you lost 70 lbs; how long did that take you?
MM: Yeah, I lost about 70 lbs since last Christmas ... another 70 to go.

AA: Do you have a goal for when you want to lose the other 70?
MM: My birthday next year -- end of April.

AA: What advice can you give to people who are looking to get healthy or lose weight?
MM: You have to virtually eliminate these three things from your daily diet: salt (or sodium), white flour (or processed flour) and sugar (or corn syrup). If you can just get by without those three things and move around during the day a bit, you'll see a tremendous difference in how you feel and how much weight you can lose. Also, I've noticed overweight people have these three things in common: We all drink diet soda [laughs] but never lose any weight because it's so packed with sodium that it actually works against you, because it's breaking down the cellular structure by retaining fluid; number two, overweight people sleep less than seven hours a night, they never get a full night's sleep, which causes eating during the day to make up for it because you're tired, you need energy; and number three, we never eat.

AA: You never eat?
MM: Essentially; in other words, we put off eating because we're trying to not eat and then we get hungry by not eating [laughs].