Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


just a few grabs from today ...

I've had the juice, candles, lotion, anti-bacterial soap - but never experienced pomegranate in it's original state. After noticing they were only 2 for $3, I scooped this "wonder fruit" up - to give it a go ... lol. I'll be sure to report once I indulge.

Oh, and I will begin sharing the prices of my items as well ... I've been compiling info for basically a 'healthy living on a budget' reference. I'm not easily sold on healthier choices, being completely unaffordable ... you either pay now, or pay later ... more on that later. ~PC

Private Selections Dried Fruit & Nut Fusion ($4.99)
Pomegranate ($1.50ea)
Kiwi ($0.69ea)
Private Selections Organic Tortilla Chips ($2.83)
SteamFresh Frozen Brown Rice ($1.56 sale)
SteamFresh Frozen Broccoli ($1.56 sale)
SteamFresh Frozen Mixed Veggies ($1.56 sale)
Healthy Valley Cream of Mushroom Soup ($1.89)
Progresso Lt. Italian Wedding Soup ($1.79)
Progresso Lt. Chicken Noodle Soup ($1.79)
Cascadian Farms Organic Crisp Cereal ($4.99)
LC Lemon Pepper Fish with Rice ($1.99 sale)
LC Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta ($1.99 sale)
Lean Gourmet Meatloaf and Potatoes ($0.78)
Lean Gourmet Pizza Snacks ($0.78)
Amy's Organic Basil and Vegetable Pizza ($4.59)
Santa Cruz Organic Berry Juice ($2.50)
Light Silk Soy Milk ($3.29)