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"Losing it With Jillian" | Michaels' New Show


"Biggest Loser is the last resort ... our show is an intervention", Michaels tells TVGuide.com.

America's toughest trainer will have her OWN - show that it is. 'Losing It', will showcase a family each week in hopes to help transform their physical, mental and even financial well-being. She moves in with the family, analyzes habits and does what she does best (no, not scream) inspire.

We kept saying, "everyone can't up and go to a ranch" ... while the odds of Jillian coming to my home with Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone, are still very slim -  the program seems to be a bit more reasonable to those of us in conventional enviornments.

The JM empire is growing. Show to premier this Tuesday, June 1st @ 10pm EST on NBC ... ~PC