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Best Buy is Now Selling FITNESS / Health Equipment ...

The tech superstore is expanding it's product line, and concept. I'm not talking Wii-Fit or other virtual health mediums ... rather, workout equipment! Starting with 40 US stores - it will edge into a market dominated by sporting goods chains and national retailers such as Target, Sears ...

"We're offering the latest and greatest technology in health and fitness ... There's been a lot of change in that industry and what these products can do for our customers and their lives." says Steve Trier, director for new categories at Best Buy.

Products include pedometers, fit-friendly MP3 players, yoga accessories, scales, blood pressure monitors, treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines. If you are not near one of the 40 ... items are also available online at BestBuy.com

Considering the influx of new and resolution-ary diet / lifestyle changers ... anticipated on January 1, 2010 ... it makes sense. I've also seen commercials where Best Buy has implemented lay-away programs ... I still think "lay-away" is a friendly term for "ransom w/ interest" ... lol ~PC

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