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BET's Heart of the City: "Dying to Eat in Jackson, Mississippi"

Update: Promo Vid Posted via BET on Nov. 9th

Following, "Heart of the City" Detroit: Dropped Out, and Chicago: War on Violence ... this documentary is geared to address another bane in predominately black areas - poor health and obesity. Dangerous epidemics said to be "killing us faster than violence ever could", per the special's star, and seemingly (public weight loss) figure, Star Jones.

Mississippi (Jackson), being the spotlight of the installment, holds the #1 spot in adult obesity rates. Exploring generational patterns, educational trends, healthy lifestyle accessibility (i.e. easier to obtain fast food, than it is superior nutrition) and other relative factors - to present measures that potentially could serve as a balm.

The show is concluding filming and being productively finalized, scheduled to air next Sunday, November 15, 2009 10:00pm EST on BET. This may be worth turning my TV to BET, which trust me ... is a rarity ... lol ...~PC