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VH1's Celebrity FIT Club 2010 - Season 7 Cast ...

What do you get when you mix Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline and loud-mouthed Tanisha from the Bad Girl's Club? No, not another D-list re-hab/anger management show ... the next edition of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club ...

I promised myself in 2010 I was going to limit the foolishness and elevate the quality and substance of my tv viewership ... yet, my lust for diet pop culture (and maybe Dr. Ian + Harvey, keep that on the low) has me conflicted, lol. The show is set to premier Monday, February 8, 2010. ~PC

CASTDr.Ian K. Smith: Nutritionist
Stacy Kaiser: Psychotherapist
Harvey Walden: IV TrainerKevin Federline: Dancer, Rapper and Ex of Britney Spears

Shar Jackson: Actress "Moesha" and Ex of Kevin FederlineKaycee Stroh: Actress "High School Musical"Jay McCarroll: Designer, Winner "Project Runway"Tanisha Thomas: Sea. 2 of "Bad Girls Club"Bobby Brown: R&B Singer and Ex of Whitney HoustonNicole Eggert: Actress "Baywatch"Sebastian Bach: Rock Singer