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Health Care REFORM: OBESITY Initiatives ...

Just highlighting a few provisions in the nearly 2,000 page health care reform bill, that acknowledges the $147B costly epidemic of obesity. The bill that squeaked by congress and who's fate stands in the hands of ... an already vocally-reluctant Senate.

"To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes."

One consistent theme I discovered while skimming through the legislation (yes, I skimmed - I'm not an elected official ... lol) was a predominant focus on prevention. From private sector employer initiatives of health literacy, to funding being afforded to local, evidence-based programming.

{Sec. 2535} Community-based overweight and obesity prevention programs. pg. 1,457

Also the slashing of simple "mental" health care verbiage, being replaced by "behavioral". Seemingly, adding those dealing with obesity to the umbrella of mental illness, and treating such, in addition to diet/exercise methods.

{Sec. 2522} Mental and behavioral health training. pg. 1,381

Oh, and this one, I got a few chuckles out of. A requirement of chain restaurants and vending machine operators to visually post caloric values of items. There have been numerous studies that prove, this measure has little effect. I think the concensus is that we know when something is high in calories, why annoy us by reminding us? lol ... But I'm impartial to it's execution ... it may help? .::Kanye shrug::.

{Sec. 2572} Nutrition labeling of standard menu items at chain restaurants and of articles of food sold from vending machines. pg. 1,510

Tonight will mark the next step in our nation's quest for health care reform, whether passed for debate ... or filibustered. The bill may not even resemble it's arrival state once completed, but it would be a relief to retain the above proposals.

Again, however ... I'm a true believer that health care reform, can only prove to be effective, should we first embrace SELF-Care reform. ~PC