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Kim Kardashian Weight Loss - Thanks, QuickTrim® .::yawn::.

From fearlessly defending her unphotoshopped curvy-figure (and cellulite) this past April in Life & Style mag, Kim K is singing a new tune. Posting a a much thinner pic (right) via twitter this week, she chimes: "I finally feel I've reached my goal!"

No specific measurements or pounds were stated. But, like sister Khloe K's recent weight transformation, she too is attributing her slimmer figure to QuickTrim®.

“Quick Trim DOES A BODY GOOD!” Kim tweeted. “Don’t kill me @NickSaglimbeni 4 posting snapshots of our shoot, they aren’t photoshopped yet, but who needs it! Quick Trim baby! Go get it!”

A Kardashian-sponsored weight loss supplement system with the usual suspects; a diuretic + laxative-laced cleanser, heavily caffeinated burn pill ... and a gel that targets cellulite. Spare me.

While I've come to expect most who boast thickness to lose it thereafter, that's definitely not my problem. Rather, instead of revealing her workout regimen or change in diet - her lovely sheep are likely to believe they too can have rock hard abs ... thanks to drugs, a glass a water and about $60.00 for the 2 week system, alone. Spare me, again.~PC