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Legendary Plus-Sized Rapper MIA-X, Makes A Comeback!

Remember back in the day, when you had to pick sides? Jay or Nas, Pac or Biggie, Ruff Ryders or Roc-a-Fella ... Cashmoney or No Limit? Well maybe, that was my just hood ... lol. I chose Cashmoney, but stayed infatuated with the rap stylings of MIA-X aka The Unladylike Diva bka Mama Mia under the NL brand.

She had this power, and ferocious swag for a female MC, and a thick one at that. She totally held her own, and emitted confidence that I could only dream of in my teenies. Well she's reminiscing, sharing with DX HIP-Hop the unfortunate tragedies and circumstances that occurred, halting her career and what's to come ... ~PC

Full DX Hip-Hop Interview: "Mia-X Talks Her Hiatus and New Music"
New Vid: "I Get Paper" by Mia-X