Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


No to the PLATEAU! + My Non-Supplement DETOX (re-post) ...

Over the past few months, my weight (which I stopped micro-managing) has maintained. Now to some this is disheartening, but looking at the wider spectrum of the situation ... I'm okay. This is a far cry from my earlier mindset, on this journey. If the scale didn't move, I stopped moving! I'm not putting in not nare bit off effort ... when I can't see the "results". Thank goodness, that's the old PC!

"When you hike in the mountains there are times when you’re climbing, and then there are times when things level off. It’s important to use those plateau periods to regain momentum, to rest, to enjoy the view, and to acknowledge how far you’ve already come." ~ Michelle Fiordaliso, Certified Nutrional Consultant

While I'm happy with the better (still learning and growing) lifestyle I lead ... I'm still a nice leap from where I think I should be ... I've spent enough time in the maintenance zone and I'm ready to shake lose! As some know, I'm not much of drastic gal ...lol ... let's be honest, I'm boring (no shame) I love my patterns and normalcies ... but now is the time to make a few changes - to start, this week I plan to:
  1. eat more, and shift calories (again)
  2. adopting more versatile methods of activity ... increasing effort, and hitting that weight room <-(again, lol)
Also, I was emailed about my thoughts on detoxing, and alternatives to paying Jillian or some other pill manufacturer to sell you a trendy laxative.(I mean that's all it is ... lol). So, below is an excerpt from a post I did a while back. Detoxing was also instrumental in me breaking my last plat, actually:

"Detox": I will be endeavoring into a natural detox regimen for the next 9 days. Yes, I'm briefly going back to my Fat Smash roots to cleanse and detoxify. I've discovered that some of the best detoxes involve FOOD, the right ones. Days of STARVING on the Master Cleanse or other liquid plans are just not for me.

While my diet has been "okay" ... I still found myself eating many processed/packaged foods and not nearly enough veggies and natural items ... so this major measure will help me to become more comfortable with introducing both elements into my diet. Following this plan also makes me have to cook and or prepare my meals personally to monitor the ingredients. Oh, and no meat!

Allowed: No processed foods, preferably organic. Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, Brown Rice, Egg Whites, Legumes, Light Yogurt & Milk Products, Healthy Oils (Safflower, Olive, etc.) ... and unlimited seasonings. Plenty of water as well!