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Reebok EasyTone Shoes - Better Legs & Butt With Every Step ...

There's something gravely wrong in this world when your shoe advertisement is flagged 'unsuitable for minors' Reebok ... lol! The circus-theme of the brand has seen insurmountable success (even made it to plug-central 'The Biggest Loser' this week as a challenge and Oprah). The technology behind this shoe is, instability. Tight-rope-like tenni's ... however ...

I saw a commercial on TV today of a girl in these super short shorts speaking on the benefits of her shoes as the cameraman/woman keeps closing in on her butt. I'm like first off ... she calls that a "butt?" ... and digressed to discover - Reebok is trying to sell me a shoe with little BOSU balls at the bottom. Oh, and the other sultry bed-scene commercial ... and talking boobs commercial. Well, I think they're selling shoes? :/ ... lol

Like FitFlops and all other body-sculpting footwear, it comes with big claims (28% more of a workout for your gluteus maximus, and 11% more for your calves and hamstrings by simply walking) ... Freaky Reebok also, kindly provides 3 exercises you can do in your new $110 kicks. Thoughts, buyers? ~PC