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2009 Celebrity WEIGHT LOSS Winners ...

Drumroll, please! People Magazine's notable celebrity weight loss stories of the year include:

Talk show host and model Tyra Banks, stunned her audience, fans and weight critics this season - strutting on stage muscular and 30lbs lighter ...

Daughter of rockstar and reality tv castmember Kelly Osbourne, dropped 20lbs on her nearly-won run of this season's "Dancing With the Stars" ...

Comedienne and talk show host, Mo'nique ... down a dramatic 45lbs and enjoying her new figure and leash on life.

List also highlights: songstress Jennifer Hudson, film director Peter Jackson, actresses Nia Vardalos and Ellen Pompeo, singer Elvis Costello, super model (and new mommy) Heidi Klum.

Photo Credits + Source: People.com "Celebrity Weight Loss Winners"