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GYM Membership Tip$ ...

I live for my gym. Once a petrifying thought, is now a desire ... lol. But, attendance is not always feasible pursuant to schedules and even personal finances. Should the latter be your reluctance ... check the below tips ...

1. Negotiate: After the lovely tour of the facility, and before you squeal a "WTF?" at your quoted fees, know that (like cars on the showroom floor) membership costs can be haggled! The gym sector is fiercely competitive, combined with the fact most employ a commissioned sales team. This makes a prime opportunity for negotiations. Never, ever-ever settle for the standard package.
2. Reduced Contracts: Many major gyms offer shorter or even non-contract options. These can be a bit pricier than a pro-rated estimate, but if you're new to gyms, it can be worth paying a little more for a few months ... until you're sure you'll continue.
3. Off-Peak/Special Hours: Look for gyms that provide cheaper memberships during "off-peak"/low attendance hours. If it's possible for you to visit the gym during the daytime, or on weekends, you may be able to slash the cost.
4. Employer Discount: My gym membership is a result of my company's partnership on health initiatives. I literally pay 1/2 the price. Inquire with your HR department, whether your employer offers such.
5. Health Insurance: Some insurers sponsor gym discounts to it's subscribers. Whether directly or through your premium. It's a minor investment for them, to stave off preventable-illness expenses.
6. Free Passes: Before you sign your name on that dotted line, take advantage of free trials. They will definitely be out there, come January 1st. And be advised, that some sales reps will still proposition you during this lapse. Some with better deals than average, if you've proven to be a semi-regular during the free pass. Just remember, negotiate! ;)