Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


My WORKOUTS + Multiple Sclerosis

I feel fearless running, then my foot will "drop" and I'll trip, pull off a J-Lo and keep going. Or around mile 4 my right leg will become completely stricken with parathesias. And let's not forget my "woman down" moments when my trig flares up and excruciating pain consumes the right side of my face ... and I'm basically good for nothing!

I recently received an email asking about how I handle MS symptoms and a workout routine. I'm blessed to be independently functional, being relatively in the early stages of this disease, considering it's chronic fate. So, the biggest thing for me in all of this is, learning my body. I push myself because I can, I fall back when I know I need to. That's it. I often modify intensity, and greatly value my rest days during relapses.

Now, Winter and Fall are my pleasured seasons for outdoor workouts, because of the cooled temperatures (heat intolerance with MS). While at the gym, the machines with embedded fans are what I gravitate towards. I also, always carry ice water during sessions. Following workouts, as a precautionary measure - I often shower in cold water to aide in the reversal of nerve inflammation. In conjunction, I was put on a Vitamin D & Calcium regimen by my Neuro/MS Specialist - until I can successfully get adequate amounts in my diet, through food. The mix is said to be effective in reducing quasi-exacerbations. Consult your physician, before considering any of the aforementioned!

Symptoms come and go in my life ... and since I can't stand finicky people, I'll treat them like I would a person who did the same, lol. Give it the least amount of attention as possible. It helps me cope. It may take us 'longer' to arrive at our fitness and weight goals, but we CAN do it too! Yes, MS is my reality ... but still ... no excuse ... ;o) ~PC